Specific information on registering for the March 2022 ceremonies will be posted during the late fall of 2021.

This section outlines the application / registration procedures for attending the ceremony and obtaining the ring, and provides the associated schedule of fees.

All candidates must participate in the ceremony in order to be obligated and so receive the Iron Ring.  Student candidates (see below) already meet eligibility requirements, and so are only required to register for the ceremony.  Postgraduate candidates (see below) initially need to submit an application.  Once the application has been reviewed and eligibility confirmed, they will then be registered for the ceremony.

Ceremony Participants

Student Candidates are those whose graduation from an accredited engineering program at BCIT, SFU or UBC is imminent.  [These programs are accredited by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (CEAB).]  Their applications and registration are processed through their program/institution representatives.

Postgraduate Candidates are those:

  • who have successfully completed a CEAB-accredited engineering program (i.e. obtained an applicable Bachelor’s degree) from a Canadian university or other Canadian postsecondary institution; OR
  • who are able to confirm having met the academic requirements for licensure by a provincial or territorial regulator of professional engineers, usually by being registered as an Engineer-in-Training or a Professional Engineer; AND
  • who reside in the region served by Camp 5 (i.e. British Columbia, but not Kelowna, Prince George and Victoria that are served by other camps).

Note that registration as an Professional Licensee Engineering (P.L.Eng.) does not in itself demonstrate that the academic requirements indicated above have been met, and therefore does not in itself meet the eligibility requirements with respect to participating in the ceremony and receiving the Iron Ring.

Ring Presenters & Other Guests.  A Ring Presenter, who has a mentor-candidate relationship with a candidate, and other guests who attend a ceremony must also be registered in order to attend.  Current Camp 5 policy is that all Ring Presenters and other guests must be obligated engineers.  Ring Presenters are nominated by candidates and other guests are invited directly by the Camp 5 Wardens.


The fees for the 2021 ceremonies are as follows:

Student Candidates                $25

Postgraduate Candidates                  $25

Ring Presenters / Guests         no fee

[The fees for the 2022 ceremonies will be posted here once these have been established.]


Please be aware that we are unable to provide refunds for non-attendance or non-obligation, since we have already incurred expenses on your behalf.  However, if you are unable to attend the relevant ceremony because of an unforeseen medical or related emergency, and wish to request a refund, please write to info@camp5ironring.ca within two weeks of the ceremony date, supported by relevant information.

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