Welcome to the CAMP 5 website. 

Our most recent summary information regarding ceremonies and rings follows:

  • March 2020 Candidates

    Most candidates who had originally registered in the postponed March 2020 ceremony have since participated in the December 2020 ceremonies, or have been registered for the 2021 ceremonies, or have sought a refund.  If you had registered in the postponed March 2020 and have not yet contacted Camp 5, you may still seek to register for the March 2021 ceremony or seek a refund. To do so, please e-mail rings@camp5ironring.ca.

  • 2021 Ring Ceremony

    The deadline for registration in the online March 2021 ceremonies has now passed.  The final briefing on the ceremonies and associated ring delivery and exchange arrangements has been posted here.

  • Ring Exchanges and Replacements

    The relevant procedures for requesting ring exchanges and ring replacements have been posted here.

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