Ring Exchange & Replacement

If you are a recent or upcoming obligant you may exchange your ring for another size at no charge within one month of receiving the ring.  You should not use the form below.  Instead, please see the relevant briefing; or write to rings2@camp5ironring.ca requesting an exchange, and providing your first and last names, e-mail address, ceremony date, and the specifics of your request.

You initially obtain the iron ring by participating in the ritual. If your ring does not fit, you may seek to exchange your ring for the right size. [Note that refunds are not available on the basis of an incorrect size.]  You may also seek to replace a lost ring.  For 2020/21, these fees are as follows:

Ring Exchange:                      $10

Ring Replacement (lost):        $40

In order to seek a ring exchange or replacement for a lost or missing ring, please complete the form below. Please note that we may take up to three weeks to consider and process your request.

Please note we will provide a ring exchange or ring replacement only for obligants who obtained their ring through Camp 5 or who currently reside in Greater Vancouver.




Note: Camp 5 requires your e-mail and mailing address in order to correspond with you and to mail the replacement ring to you.  Camp 5’s privacy policy regarding the collection of this information is summarized here. (Specifically, your e-mail and mailing addresses will not be shared with third parties.)


[Please provide the following information to the extent that you able – in order for us to identify you in the Camp 5 or national database.]

I was initially obligated as follows:


[Please see our FAQ page (last two questions) for guidelines on sizing your ring.]

Please summarize the circumstances relating to your missing ring (including the location and timing when you discovered it was missing); if this is a 2nd replacement please indicate the year of an earlier replacement.

The Next Steps

Once we have approved your request (it may take up to 3 weeks for us to respond), we will e-mail you with instructions about mailing your ring (ring exchanges) and about issuing an e-transfer of the required fee ($10 for a ring exchange, $40 for a replacement ring).  We will then mail the replacement ring to the address you have provided.


I affirm that the replacement ring is required for myself and no one else, and that the above is a true statement of the need for a replacement ring. If recovered, I will contact Camp 5 at rings@camp5ironring.ca in order to return the original or replacement ring to Camp 5 without delay.

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