Ring Exchange & Replacement


Updated 2022-05-02

We are temporarily suspending ring exchange and replacement requests due to our current workload and an inventory shortage.  For 2022 obligants, more information will be available for ring exchange at no cost.  For obligants from previous years, please check back with us around late summer of 2022 for updates.   

If your ring does not fit your finger, you may exchange the ring.   If you have lost your ring, you may replace it.  A ring exchange or replacement is available only to obligants who initially obtained their ring from Camp 5.  Obligants who obtained their rings from other camps should contact their camps.

You can request a ring exchange or replacement by completing a request form and paying a fee.  Clicking on the button below would take you to the request and payment form.  The fee is paid at the time of submission of the request.   The fees are:

Ring Exchange:                      $10

Ring Replacement (lost):        $40

Please note that a refund on any payment for exchange or replacement will not be issued for an incorrect size that you ordered. Please see our FAQ page for guidelines on sizing your ring.  However, a new obligant may exchange a ring at no cost, only if a request is made within 30 days from the day of the iron ring ceremony when they receive their ring (ie., for the first time).  

It may take several weeks for a request to be processed.  Providing as much of your obligation information as you can would help facilitate the processing.  The information include your obligation number, year of obligation, the educational institution where you graduated from, and your engineering discipline (civil, electrical, etc.).  Very importantly, please submit a request with the same first and last names that you used for the registration for your initial iron ring.

For a ring replacement, please also provide the circumstances relating to your missing ring (where and when you noticed your ring was missing).  If this is not the first replacement, please indicate the year(s) of the earlier replacement(s).

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