Ceremony Briefing


This version of the Ceremony Briefing refers to the special Iron Ring ceremony that has been scheduled for May 11, 2021.

Special note to March 2021 Obligants. If you attended the March 2021 ceremonies, you should have received your ring by now. If you have still not received your ring, please e-mail Madeline Williams at rings2@camp5ironring.ca. If you wish to exchange your ring, you may do so either in-person or by mail – See Section 4 below.

This briefing covers the following components:

  1. Introduction
  2. Ceremony Participation
  3. Guidelines on the use of Webex
  4. Ring and Certificate Delivery

For information not covered through this briefing, please e-mail Camp 5 as follows:

rings2@camp5ironring.ca – for individual circumstances relating to ring delivery and ring exchanges

admin@camp5ironring.ca – for enquiries relating to Webex registration and online participation in the ceremony

1.       Introduction

We look forward to welcoming you to the Special May 11, 2021 Camp 5 Iron Ring Ceremony where you will become Obligated Engineers.  Throughout your careers, you will then be able to wear the Iron Ring with pride as a reminder of your obligation.  While we prefer to conduct the ceremony live and in-person, the pandemic has required a move to online ceremonies this year. We thank you for your understanding. 

Because the ceremonies are online, you will receive your iron ring after you have taken the obligation and completed the online poll during the ceremony.

This briefing provides you with information on the ceremony schedule, access to the online ceremony, the format and requirements of the ceremony, and arrangements for ring delivery/exchange after the ceremony.  Please review this message carefully as it contains important information to assure your effective participation and to assure effective ring delivery/exchange.

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2.       Ceremony Participation

Only those who have repeated the obligation and completed the online poll during the ceremony will be sent their iron ring.

In advance of the ceremony, you will receive an e-mail from Webex with a link and access code to enable you to “Register” for your designated ceremony.  Once you have registered, you will receive a follow-up Webex e-mail inviting you to “Join” the event, and you should do so on the day of the ceremony.

For the evening ceremonies, you will be able to log into the event starting at 6:45 pm.  [A short video with Webex guidelines will then be playing in a loop, so as to enable you to verify your online settings.]  The event will commence shortly after 7:00 pm, with a welcome from Camp 5 and an introductory video for the first fifteen minutes.  The ceremony itself will commence at 7:15 p.m.   [For the morning ceremony on March 27, the corresponding times are 7:45 am, 8:00 am, and 8:15 am.]

You will need to remain online for the full duration of the ceremony. Your audio will be muted and your video turned off throughout the ceremony. [Therefore, a webcam is not needed for the ceremony.]  During the ceremony, you will be required to repeat the obligation out loud, so please ensure you are in a private location where you can do this. After you have repeated the obligation, you will need to verify that you have taken the obligation by responding to a poll on your Webex screen.

The overall event, including the introductory video, the ceremony itself and the panel discussion, is expected to extend over approximately 1-1/2  hours.  We ask that you do not record any part of the session or take photographs. 

Dress Code The Camp 5 dress code, which is intended to maintain the standards, professionalism and traditions of the ceremony, is business casual.  Participants are encouraged to adhere to this code, even though the ceremonies will be held online.

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3.       Guidelines on the Use of Webex

We recommend that you consider the following guidelines in order to assure that your participation and viewing experience are optimal.

Before the Ceremony

Please be aware that, in order to join the event, you will first need to respond to an initial webex.com e-mail to “Register” for the event; and then, on the day of the ceremony you will need to respond to a follow-up webex.com e-mail inviting you to “Join” the event.

For the first-time Webex user, please test your system in advance of the event by participating in a Webex test meeting.  If you encounter issues with Webex after the test meeting, please refer to the Webex system requirements link to check your system compatibility.

During the Ceremony

When you first log into the event (between 6:45 and 7:00 pm), you should find that a short video with Webex guidelines will be playing in a loop, so as to enable you to verify and adjust your online settings.  During the entire event, you should avoid running other Internet bandwidth-intensive applications on your home network.  Please be aware that, during the ceremony itself, your video will be disabled, your audio will be muted, and you will be unable to chat with all the participants.

If you have technical issues during the ceremony, you may chat – privately please – with the Camp 5 Webex Admin (indicated as the “host”) for further technical assistance.

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4.       Ring and Certificate Delivery

Following the ceremony, your Iron Ring and Certificate, which includes your unique Obligation Number, will be mailed to you to the mailing address you have provided, or will be available for pick-up for those UBC obligants who have elected this option.

4A. Mail Option

Delivery. The default is that rings will be mailed to you shortly after the May 11 ceremony. Please note that the rings will be sent by regular mail, without a tracking option. We will use the mailing address that we have in our records. Note that this should be valid over the period May 11 – 31. If you have not received your ring by May 31, please e-mail Madeline Williams at rings2@camp5ironring.ca.

Exchange.  If you receive your ring by the mail and wish to exchange it for another size, please proceed as follows: First, please determine the new ring size you are seeking by considering the last two FAQ on the following web-site: https://camp5ironring.ca/faq/. Then please mail the original ring to us at the following address:

Camp 5 Iron Ring

PO Box 93011

Caulfeild Village

West Vancouver, BC V7W 3G4

Please include in the envelope your obligation number, first name, last name, e-mail address, mailing address, and the requested ring size of the new ring. Once we receive the original ring, we will mail the exchanged ring to the address that you have provided and with the size that you have indicated. Please use a standard sized envelope and only include the ring and a piece of paper with the required information. The exchanged ring will then be mailed to you.

4B. Pick-up Option

If you are able to travel to West Vancouver on Saturday, May 15, you may arrange to pick-up your ring and certificate in person, respecting COVID protocols. If you do so, you may try your ring and exchange it for the correct size at that time, and so there should be no need for a subsequent ring exchange. If you wish to proceed with this option, please e-mail your request to Madeline Williams at rings2@camp5ironring.ca no later than Friday, April 30 with the subject heading “Ring Pickup”. You will then be contacted to finalize the specific pick-up arrangements.

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