Governance and Accountability

Accountability to the Corporation

Camp 5 is accountable to the Corporation of the Seven Wardens through the “Rule of Governance,” which is the founding governance arrangement establishing Camp 5 and other camps.  This statement was drafted in 1925 and approved by Kipling, and continues today as a principal reference for the conduct of corporate and camp activities.

The Rule of Governance includes the following:

“To this end it is deemed wise to appoint Seven Wardens whose authority shall be supreme in all matters connected with the Ritual, and the safeguarding of the Ancient Landmarks so that by no means can these be varied in any respect.

With this intent, The Original Seven Wardens being all Past Presidents of The Engineering Institute of Canada were constituted a body charged with preserving the integrity and purity of the “Ritual of the Calling of an Engineer,” with its due ceremonies and Ancient Landmarks precisely as laid down herein.

  • The powers of the Wardens shall be supreme in all matters except as to text and ceremonies of the Ritual and Notes and the use of the Ancient Landmarks therein, which must not be varied.
  • In the exercise of their sole discretion they shall authorize the formation of Camps as considered advisable, either retaining the operation of these Camps in their own hands or delegating by revocable written documents such part of their authority as they may deem wise to such individuals or groups as in their judgment should govern each individual Camp.
  • Camps shall be constituted under written authority from the Wardens whose powers shall be set out therein, and beyond such written word, these Camps and their Executives are not authorized.
  • To each Camp shall be given such charter and writings of the Ritual as may be necessary, identified by signature of all the Wardens of any one of them under direction, together with such copies of the Obligation as may be necessary to provide each with its own.  And of these writings shall no copies be made.”

Governance and Accountability within Camp 5

Camp 5’s Wardens and Alternate Wardens manage and administer Camp 5’s activities and operations in the context of the following governance and accountability framework:

  • Decision-making.  All the Wardens / Alternate Wardens are jointly engaged in all major decisions of the Camp (with only the Wardens being entitled to vote on motions).
  • Transparency.  While respecting privacy and confidentiality requirements, internal transparency entails all Wardens and Alternate Wardens transparently engaged in camp activities; and external transparency is assured through the Camp’s public website that includes all non-confidential materials relating to governance and administrative activities of the Camp.
  • Reporting.  Camp 5 develops an annual report that adheres to a required format.  The report is approved by the Wardens and submitted to the Corporation.
  • Code of Conduct.  All the Wardens / Alternate Wardens are required to commit to a prescribed Code of Conduct.
  • Privacy.  Camp 5 has adopted a privacy policy with respect to all information it obtains.
  • Concerns and Complaints.  Camp 5 has adopted a process for considering and addressing concerns and complaints .

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