Postgraduate Candidates

Postgraduate Candidates are those:

  • who have successfully completed a CEAB-accredited engineering program (i.e. obtained an applicable Bachelor’s degree) from a Canadian post-secondary institution; OR
  • who are able to confirm having met the academic requirements for licensure by a provincial or territorial regulator of professional engineers, usually by being registered as an Engineer-in-Training or a Professional Engineer*;    AND
  • who reside in the region served by Camp 5 (i.e. British Columbia, but not Kelowna, Prince George and Victoria that are served by other camps).

*If you are applying to attend an iron ring ceremony and are not registered as either an EIT or P.Eng. with Engineers and Geoscientists BC but you are an applicant who has received confirmation that your academics meet the requirements for registration as a professional engineer in the province of BC, please request written confirmation from Engineers and Geoscientists BC and submit this with your ceremony application.

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