This form applies to all candidates who had originally registered for the postponed March 2020 ceremony and paid the corresponding fee, but who were unable to re-register for the December 15/16, 2020 ceremonies (the re-registration deadline has now passed). The deadline for registering in the March 2021 ceremonies is January 31, 2021.

Those 2020 candidates who were unable to register for the December 2020 ceremonies have the option of attending instead the March 2021 ceremonies or seeking a refund.

I obtained or will obtain my Bachelor’s degree as follows:


Ring delivery/exchange

If you plan to attend the March 2021 ceremonies, your ring and certificate will be mailed to you shortly after the ceremony. Any subsequent requests for ring exchanges will need to be undertaken through the mail. (There will be no fee, if an exchange is requested within one month of the ceremony.)

For ring delivery, please provide the following:

UBC students have the option of picking up the ring and certificate in person at UBC over a few days (to be specified) shortly after the ceremony and, if required, exchanging the ring at that time. 

Note: Camp 5 requires your e-mail and mailing address in order to correspond with you and to mail the ring and certificate to you.  Camp 5’s privacy policy regarding the collection of this information is summarized here.  (Specifically, your e-mail and mailing addresses will not be shared with third parties.)

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